You’ve hired a new cleaning company to improve the appearance and cleanliness of your facility. They cleaned everything perfectly, at least up to a certain point. And after a few months you notice buildup on your porcelain sinks, dust on company shelves, floors grubby with streaks, and garbage missed. This article explains how Priority Clean solves this industry issue . . .

We still have our first account!

As a facility manager, do you find yourself being ignored these days after sending emails, phone calls, or even text messages about the quality slipping up? Is there any consistency to their cleaning? Maybe the same hidden garbage under the cafeteria sink isn’t being emptied, or the restroom dispensers aren’t getting replenished. Whatever the problem is, these cleaners aren’t as good as when they first started.

Our first account is still with us today and it’s not because of price or magic fairy dust. We believe it’s the simple fact that we care about our customers. They have gotten to know our employees and Managers on a more personal basis and see how engaged we are in the process of upkeeping their building. They recognize our company systems and the importance of communication. We never see a customer complaint as a complaint, it’s valuable feedback. We want to do well. We thrive on making your windows, carpets, and floors shine, and battle each week against Montana’s relentless dust.

Behind the Scenes

A lot of stains and smears disappear when cleaners scrub walls and carpet after hours. “Nobody notices when you do it, but they always notice when you don’t,” is a quote that comes to mind. I don’t remember who said it but I can understand the author’s intent. I always tell employees to take before and after pictures so that they can show their managers. We like to gather these from time to time and create a follow-up email for our clients to show them what we’ve been doing in addition to the regular recurring duties. Not to show-off or to get an atta-boy, but to let them know we take cleaning seriously. Regular communication also helps us learn if they need extra cleaning somewhere in the building.

Changing Hands

We have a saying at Priority Clean called, “Changing hands,” where we tend to cross-train employees on different accounts. This allows for a new set of eyes, or a good safeguard for when someone’s sick. No matter how many times we clean a floor, change trashes, clean restrooms, disinfect surfaces, or refill dispensers, no two facilities are the same.

Some customers prefer us to not touch or disinfect their office desks, while others simply ask that we wipe around the paperwork. Others don’t need consumables replenished, while most customers opt for that service. It’s a fully customizable cleaning solution for each customer, and we at Priority Clean make a habit to listen to these individual requests. This is another prime example of why we like to trade-hands in our corporation, so that everyone can be on the same page and better service the customers.

Manager Walkthroughs

Created from problem that needed a solution was the company concept of manager walkthroughs. Our cleaners do an amazing job alone; however, sometimes Managers can catch things before the customers do.

If you’re one of our customers and haven’t yet given us an extra key for facility inspections, it may be worth looking into. Our tight-knit process has helped catch missed trashes, floors that may have needed another mop, or toilet paper that wasn’t replaced that you only notice when it’s already too late. These are the details that improve with every assigned cleaner overtime before our managers let go of the leash, so to speak. Even if there are never any complaints, it is important that our senior level staff perform inspections from time to time. That’s how our customers know we care.

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Mickey Dayton
Chairman & CEO
Priority Clean LLC
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  1. Jim Hastings on May 12, 2022 at 9:48 pm

    My last clean sucked, we need to switch to Priority Clean!