When our company is contracted to a new building, we quickly take charge on a multitude of things. The very first thing we clean is the Janitor closet. The utility sink might have hair clogging the drains, or the maintenance supplies and paper products could be a mess on the shelves or floor. There are some occasions that we spend thirty minutes clearing out and organizing this space in order to make it efficient for both clients and employees; after all, we need room for our supplies, too.

The first month of your janitorial services with Priority Clean is important. We not only want to improve the cleanliness, but also keep track of your consumable supply. By having our Consumables+ program in play, we will identify broken dispensers in your facility and get them replaced. We will measure the usage of soaps, toilet paper, and paper towel supply that you’re consuming in a quarterly basis and improve costs and lower product waste. As a vendor, we know the best prices for the products you’re using and want to pass the savings to you.

What exactly does this program do? In laments terms, we purchase the consumables on your behalf through a supplier of your choice. We recommend shopping locally but will place orders where desired. You’ll also get an updated consumables report that measures usage and industry pricing with how you compare. Many suppliers will actually give you dispensers for free as long as you use their products. No worries about OSHA, either, because we label all our bottles with the correct chemical before putting them in our caddies. All other MSDS information is emailed to you on a PDF for surprise inspections.

All too often companies wish they had a Maintenance team to go along with their janitorial service. With the Consumables+ program, we have added light-bulb replacement and de-bugging light fixtures. We can’t promise to fix everything, but some of our staff members are capable of minor building upkeep and repair.

Last on our list is preventable infestations. Once again, we do not claim to be exterminators, but we can help reduce the possibility of infestations by applying traps and spraying chemical in interior cracks. Working in your building, our staff members are likely to spot these things before you do. Just another added benefit to think about. Thanks for reading!

Mickey Dayton
Chairman & CEO
Priority Clean LLC
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