If you own or lease a commercial building, you already know that there’s regular upkeep required to maintain a safe, healthy, and efficient space for both customers and employees.  Here’s 5 ways a commercial cleaning service can help your facility . .


On a subatomic level you don’t see all the viruses and germs that are touched on a daily basis. Securing a daily or nightly cleaning service to disinfect all touch points may be the best solution. Reduce call-outs and sick pay by ensuring that your door knobs, light switches, and general horizontal surfaces are sterilized by Janitorial professionals. Priority Clean LLC has taken great measures in the midst of Covid-19 and uses enviro-care neutral disinfectant to kill strong viruses. Ask about our Electrostatic Sprayers that provide a thorough 360-degree wrap around of all surfaces. It dispels EPA Certified disinfectant into the air. Customers often call upon our company after reported Covid cases. We don’t want anyone closing their doors.


Believe it or not, but your employees might not want to clean your building after a hard day’s work. What’s more, the quality isn’t going to be as top-notch as those who do it exclusively. Our Janitorial staff are trained on perfecting the details and are constantly monitoring carpet stains, window streaks, and hard to reach dust bunnies. So go ahead and leave your desk dirty with coffee stains and fingerprints, a full trash, and carpet littered with fragments from the paper shredder. You and your staff work hard enough. Come back each morning to a cleaner, fresh-smelling office.


“Can you spare a square?” ~Elaine Benis. That’s right, the best comedy series in history, Seinfeld, can be applied here, especially to those who sat down to take a respectable dump. Only, when you reach for the toilet paper you see it’s all gone. Janitorial Services have your back. Part of our duties is not just cleaning your restrooms, but also to refill your soap, paper towel, and toilet paper dispenser. Some of our customers even opt for our Consumable+ service, where we order and pay for your toiletries and deliver them as part of your cleaning contract. We also recommend three local suppliers to choose from in the Great Falls area based on your specific needs.

Saves on Hidden Costs

Hiring a professional Janitorial Service can help lower your cooling and heating bill. Before our company starts a new account, we often remove years’ worth of neglect from untouched dusty vents, clumps of dust on tops of shelves and cubicles, and filter screens. Breathe easy knowing that your employees and customers aren’t exposed to harmful allergens. Protect your wallet, too, by ensuring energy costs don’t rise from poorly ventilated vents.

         A good cleaning service will protect your office floors and carpets. Most facilities use vinyl composition tyle that requires sealer and a recommended three-coats of finish. Depending on your foot traffic, a service will need to perform regular spray-buffing and burnishing to maintain the life of the tile. Carpet stain treatment is also important, but most facilities will need to have their carpets steam cleaned every six months. We like to shampoo and extract our customer’s carpets in the early spring in order to clean out any embedded rock-salt from the winter.

Client Attraction

Curb-appeal starts with cleanliness. You’ll want a cleaning service that polices the grounds for garbage in your bushes or parking lot. Anyone who lives in Montana knows how windy it gets, which is why debris is a constant struggle. We want your property to look its best for everyone who visits, especially clients. Remember, if you do well—we do well.

Thanks for reading!  For more information on how we can help, contact us for a facility walkthrough and get your customized Janitorial plan tailored to your needs.

Mickey Dayton
Chairman & CEO
Priority Clean LLC
(406) 590-1987

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  1. Larry. G on March 21, 2022 at 8:24 pm

    Are you guys going to have blog posts including site photos?

    • Mickey on March 22, 2022 at 5:16 pm

      We’re going to try to keep a routine each month with a new article and definitely incorporate some on-site photos. This was a quirky, funny, and informative article to keep things fun. I hope you enjoyed. Thanks